sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2012

New RP Hack Generator and skin codes

As you probably saw, we weren't able to update our tools and most of them no longer work.
League Of Legends is now officially the most popular game in the world!This means many people just start playing it and have no idea about how to get the rare pax sivir, pax jax ,pax tf ,riot singed,riot graves,full metal rammus,k-9 nasus  skin codes.

Our friends from hacksandcodes.com recently released an updated tool that works on latest patch!

-New RP generator functions updated to work in the WC patch.
-Riot Singed codes algorithm was broken,fixed.
-Pax Twisted fate is now in beta, will be ready in a few weeks.
-Pax Sivir works more smoothly.

Follow this link to get it.